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DuckDuckGo Gets $ 10 Million from Omers to Promote Privacy Around the World – news


The search engine Pro-Privacy DuckDuckGo, which offers an alternative to surveillance engines like Google, quietly collected $ 10 million in new funding from the pension fund of the Canadian fund Omers. The Globe and Mail announced the news earlier this month.

According to Crunchbase, this is only the second round of financing for the ten-year-old company, which raised $ 3 million in venture capital in 2011.

In an article announcing the investment, Omers Ventures claims that privacy and security concerns have "become public" over the last five years – noting how governments are responding to public demand and data breaches and starting to act, "citing, for example, the EU's updated confidentiality framework, the GDPR.

With this conviction, the fund has actively pursued a profitable investment in DDG (via non-tracking advertising) since 2014. need from a cash injection. And, indeed, initially refused one. But Omers persisted and managed to persuade its founder, Gabriel Weinberg, to take the necessary funds to support DDG's growth objectives, "especially internationally" and in Canada (where the fund is based).

The expansion of its privacy and security offerings is another reason why DDG is taking the funding.

Earlier this year, the company expanded its private search activity (without tracking) by adding a blocker tracker and other privacy and security tools to create a functional package that allows users to keep their private browsing.

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